Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Journey (A Poem)

I wrote this while I was in college. Unfortunately I didn't stay on course. But a lot of things happened all at once to knock me off track. Maybe one day I'll get back on! But for now, I'd just like to share a bit of poetry.

The Journey 
By Robin Carpenter
April 23, 2005

To stay on track is what I need. 
Remember my goal and remember my dreams.

This journey will be a long road,
but I can make it through. 

I must stay the course,
this is what I must do.

I will learn to adjust,
I will become like water.

I will soak up all the knowledge my teachers have to offer.

And I say again, this will be a long road.
But I will remember my dreams, and then I'll know.

My journey may be long,
but the rewards my goal.

Stay the course is what I must do.
For failure on this journey will just not do. 

Stay the course is what I'll do.

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