Friday, October 14, 2011

14. Favorite Halloween costumes for adults and/or children.

As a child I would almost always dress up as a witch. One of my favorite costumes as a child was one year when my mother did not have enough money to buy the premade costumes, she dressed me up in her old 70's outfits, gave me big hoop earrings and I went as a gypsy. It was so fun, and that year I had a lot of compliments on my costume at school.

One of my favorite costumes I've dressed my daughter in is a witch costume. I found a dress at Goodwill that reminded me of a 20's style dress. DD loved it and wore it till it literally fell apart. The only other things I bought to complete her outfit was a witch hat and wig which cost me about $8 at Wal-Mart.
This is my favorite Halloween picture of DD. So pretty. :) 

Showing off her dress. We added a shirt underneath the dress for warmth.

Here are some links to costume sales around the web.

Here are some links that discuss how to make your own costumes. 

This year I'm not sure what my daughter is going to come up with. The baby won't get dressed up though. I hope these links help you!


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