Sunday, October 2, 2011

2. What do I remember as most exciting about Samhain/Halloween as a child?

As a child Halloween was always my favorite holiday. It still is today. The most exciting thing for me then was getting to go TOTing with friends without parental supervision. It didn't happen often, so it was a treat. Of course this was a very small town and before there were razors in treats and other nasty illegal happenings going on. Every year I dressed up as a Witch or Gypsy (GO figure). I had about 5 friends that I regularly hung out with and we'd stick together as we walked all over town getting bags and bags of candy. We would have to come home and dump candy out and then go out for more. This was also before curfew as well. Stopping TOTing at 8pm was unheard of. By 8pm it was just getting good! Everyone also handed out candy and decorated their houses. Adults dressed up themselves. There were no streets that were dark and secluded. And if you dared to not hand out candy your house ended up with eggs and toilet paper on it! The whole town was lit up with orange and other various bright colors. I loved all the decorations!

This post is apart of my 31 Days of Samhain
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  1. I can't believe you've spent an entire life stealing my Gypsy costume lol I always had all kinds of plans, but at the end I'll dress up as a Gypsy or a skull... Hm, this year I'm going for skull.

  2. I miss the days of it truly being Halloween all around town, no one moaning about their religion and beating bibles (at least here in New England). It was a wonderfully magical time that everyone got into the spirit for.



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