Sunday, October 9, 2011

9. Share a Pagan/Wiccan story about Halloween/Samhain.

Hmm. A Story about Halloween or Samhain. Well I could recite mythological stories about Samhain, but chances are you've heard them before or can easily look them up on other various sites. So I'll save that for another time. My story is more personal.

Many years ago at another Samhain festival with The Circle of the Blue Moon the group was doing a small reenactment. At the time I just thought it a sad story about young witches who chose to kill themselves rather than be killed or convert to Christianity. That is until the reenactment sparked a vision and I saw myself walking into the sea. The vision brought me to tears, and it makes sense why I am so fearful of deep water, and why I refuse to eat any fish! I can taste the dirty water I choked on in a past life.  I knew from that day on that the High Priestess had shared that life with me, which is why she chose to do the reenactment. It was the most powerful vision I have ever had. But I needed to see it to spark more interest in learning about Wicca and following my path.

Lisa Thiel- Samhain Song

The Witch's Sabbat

This is apart of 31 Days of Samhain
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