Monday, October 3, 2011

3. What do I wish to teach people about Samhain?

Samhain (Pronounced Sow- in or Sam - Hayn) is the witches New Year. However some do not celebrate the New Year till Yule. Samhain is the last of the three Gaelic harvest festivals and a time to honor our ancestors. For this reason its often associated as the dark time. This does not mean evil. Wiccans recognize a balance in nature. Without light, you cannot have the dark and vice versa.

Samhain is often observed on October 31st - Nov 1st. Divination is performed to communicate with the dead since it is believed that the veil between the spirit world and our world is thinned during this time. Because of this thinned veil the spirits are known to return to their kin. To avoid unwanted spirits, everyone dresses up and begs door to door for treats so the spirits cannot tell who is alive and who isn't.

Many years ago I wrote a small marriage vow renewal for Samhain. With celebrating the New Year I feel it is appropriate to celebrate new life as well. So this is why I chose that time. Unfortunately we just never got around to doing it for some reason. I'll share what I wrote here. This is by no means a complete ritual. But as I've said before, I don't like sharing my complete plans. I feel you should do the rite yourself. If you have no experience in doing that, you need a mentor.

Vowel Renewal at Samhain

To open this circle I walk thrice about. No evil shall enter nor dwell about. (Said 3 times walking clockwise to open circle)

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, I call to you now to bless this rite. Join us and be known.

(Corners called)

Ancestors, Listen to my call. I welcome you now to the circle I have drawn.
(Name ancestors)

Samhain is a time to honor our ancestors that have passed. But with death there is life. Which is why I have chosen this time to renew my love for you Lance. From the moment I met you I have loved you. These past __ years have been my dream manifested into reality. I renew those vows now and ask that Aphrodite bless our union with many more blissful years together.

(DH repeat or say own vows)

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, I thank you for your blessing. May your gift remain in our hearts. Go now, and blessed be.

(Corners released)

To close this circle I walk thrice about. No evil shale remain nor dwell about. (Said 3 times walking counter clockwise to close circle)

This is apart of my 31 Days of Samhain

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  1. You know, I have to write a young readers book for a Children's Literature worshop, and you've just given me an idea of what to write!

    Thanks! These are things I also want people to know about All Hallow's Eve.

  2. I'm so happy to have been an inspiration for you! :) And I'd love to read what you come up with.



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