Monday, October 17, 2011

17. Favorite Scary Monster

Werewolves would be my favorite scary monster. I mean, who wouldn't love to be a wolf? I like the werewolves that turn fully wolf, not the half-man/half-wolf you see in the picture to your left. Though that is an awesome picture. :)

I suppose everyone has a little part of us that would love to be able to shed their human life and go feral for awhile. No human problems to plague us. Just basic animal instincts and needs. Of course, we couldn't do that forever, hence a werewolf has the best of both worlds! I don't like the movies where they portray the werewolf as dumb savage animals who only want to maim and kill though. Wolves are actually very intelligent creatures with a dynamic family life.

This is apart of 31 Days of Samhain

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  1. My youngest daughter would jump at the chance to shape-shift inot a wolf. She has been dressed up as one for the last two days. I would love to be a wolf on land, a dolphin in water and a raven or crow in the air.

    For a monster, a zombie would be cool.

  2. Okay, Vivienne has a great idea there!

    I agree that as far as "beasts" go I would choose the werewolf over all others. Actually, that goes for the "horror-romance" bit too, I'd take the wolf over the vampire any day.



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