Saturday, October 29, 2011

29. Ever lived or stayed in a Haunted houses?

The Winchester House
Well I suppose I should have saved my last post for this one. If you haven't read it, I have a picture of an old road house I use to live in. Other than that house I can't say I've ever lived in another haunted house. Nor have I stayed in one. I would love to visit some though! Not the commercial haunted houses. But some that have sparked my interest is The Winchester House. I love watching the travel and history channels. So the story of Mrs. Winchester and all of the interesting rooms she added to it over the years would be interesting to just explore for hours.

I'd love to visit old castles and ruins too. They all spark my interest and I just know if I went there I'd be able to feel all kinds of energy and spirits.

This is apart of 31 Days of Samhain

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  1. OH, I visited the Winchester "Mystery" house when I was 11 years old and then years later when I was in my 40's. I just love this place. I don't know if this place is haunted so much, but I do know that Mrs. Winchester was very influenced by the idea of spirits and afraid that there was some karma she would have to pay for her husband's line of business.She was told by a medium that she was cursed.

    She was very into spiritualism and consulted a medium frequently, who told her that she had to continue building onto to the house in order to confuse the spirit who was after her - a curse put on her by those who were affected by her husband's business (guns/rifles)

    Several years ago I toured this house with my friend who is a medium and when the tour guide directed our attention to an "alcove" in one of the rooms, my friend said "that's not an alcove, it's the mediums cabinet. Which is was.

    Poor woman, so afraid and so tormented. Shows you what fear unbridled can do to a person. She was told she had to keep sleeping in different bedrooms so the spirits couldn't find her. When she had moved to yet another bedroom one night, an earthquake shook the house and she was convinced that the spirit had caught up with her.

    This is a place totally worth seeing. Those who live in the area think it's a tourist trap, but it's really not....

  2. I remember reading about Winchester house when I was a kid... stories about doors that opened into walls and etc. I'd forgotten about it until now. There have been two places I've lived at in my life that at very least had a very bad energy to them and a few odd occurances.



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