Saturday, October 22, 2011

I want to be a Gypsy

Living with my mother and then in March moved in with my MIL has gave me a whole new appreciation for MY household. I took it for granted before. I had forgot what it's like to live with other people and not be the "Top Mom" of the house. I keep looking on Craigslist at RV's for sale. There are a lot of them around here and for what your buying it's actually pretty cheap. Problem is we have two cars that wouldn't pull them.

I've told DH that I'd love to sell one car (IE The crappy car he bought earlier this year that I hate and wish he'd never bought), and try to get a truck to pull a camper with. DH has a collection of Kiss and Comic books that is well over 2K. Maybe we could find someone to trade.

I just really want out of this house and into our own space again. I think living like a Gypsy could be fun! Hell and maybe it would unplug us for a bit and get us into doing something more nature like. DH hates fishing and camping but I love it.

I see this as an inexpensive option but I think DH thinks I'm just joking. I'm really not! Though camping in winter might not be the best of options, it would certainly work!

What do you think? Doable solution or am I crazy?


  1. I have had the same idea for several years. I think it would be awesome to live like a gyspy. Travel around the country. Work in one city for a while then move on. I tried to convince my husband and he didn't got for the idead either. Even when I suggested that it would be hugely benefital to the kids. (They're homeschooled) But, I have yet to convience him and its been about 6 years since I first came up with idea.

  2. It might be nice for some time, but I do not think it is practical in the long run. You'd miss all the fun stuff, like unlimited amounts of running water.



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