Wednesday, October 19, 2011

19. A Samhain Resolution

I've thought about this for a few days. Normally for a New Years resolution I say I make a resolution to not make more resolutions. Because inevitably I always don't carry through with my plans. I know my many flaws. I'm obese, I eat too many munchies, I'd like to fix my teeth, I have too many bills that need paid. There are several improvements I could do in my life. But inevitably they never get done for some reason or another.

Last year I finally decided I'd had enough of being overweight. So I joined curves and went on a diet. I charted how many calories I ate every day through Sparkpeople.com. I drank only water most of the time. Those times I did allow myself to indulge in Pepsi (My Achilles heel!) I kept it to one 8 oz can with dinner. I was doing anywhere from 1200 - 1500 calories per day which is what the trainer at curves suggested for me. I wasn't there long, maybe 5 weeks. I lost only 5 lbs. But the important thing is that I was starting to feel great. I had a routine, I was sticking to it, and I even began to look forward to my time at Curves.

Then we went to a family BBQ and the kids wanted to ride a horse. My mother owned a 25yr old Shetland Pony. He was barn sour*. We tried to lunge him but the little shit was lazy too. Needless to say he bucked, I grabbed the kid, the pony took off and knocked me down. I twisted my ankle and turns out I had chipped my foot yet again. I had chipped my other foot the year before on slick ice. I had to be off my foot for almost a month. I needed physical therapy, crutches, then a boot for awhile. I took off work because I couldn't drive with the boot on. Needless to say my weight loss routine was derailed. I did plan to get back to my weight loss plan, and then I got pregnant with Wyatt. Knowing that I was considered high risk because I've had a miscarriage before, I didn't want to take the chance of loosing our son by doing a weight loss plan.

So how does this relate to a Samhain resolution? Well, I make the resolution that I'll loose the weight sometime. It won't be today, not even tomorrow. But when I feel it's right to join a gym again (Because I need that kind of motivation) and when I have my own home again, I'll begin!

And as far as changing those other things, well with money maybe I will be able to change those too. But until then, I am beautiful in my own way and I'm happy with my life now.

Ponyboy, who was responsible for breaking my foot.
He is now re-homed with a no-child family.

*Barn Sour is when a horse will buck or rear and then race to the barn rather than be worked or rode. It happens when they haven't been rode in a long time and are use to staying in the barn or paddock.

This is apart of 31 Days of Samhain

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  1. You could join the "Get off your broom" fitness challenge for a start, it runs until the end of October... lots of crazy people are doing it.


  2. Yeah I know about the challenge. However I'm not ready to begin a weight loss regime right now. I am living in MIL's house and there's just too much temptation here. Not to mention I can't afford a gym. And I really need a gym to work out because it gives me better motivation.

  3. Loving yourself and accepting yourself is absolutely the best thing you can do. Getting a good solid relationship with yourself. Then, if you ever decide to lose weight, it will be more successful because you will be doing it for the right reasons! Great post. Love you. You're beautiful.



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