Thursday, October 27, 2011

How did you choose the name for your blog?

When I first started my blog I really couldn't come up with anything but "Salem's Creations". I knew it had to have something to do with my username, SalemWitchChild. I've used the name for several years. Just google it and you can find me all over the net. But I didn't want it to just be SWC's blog. I consider myself to be a crafty woman. I just don't feel like I am crafty right now. I want to get back to sewing, I want to make my candles again, and I want to do more writing. And lately I'd love to try to crochet! I just don't have the $ to invest in materials and books on how to do it.

I have been doing some writing (Mostly for this blog) but I know I could be doing more if I had more motivation and time. Having a 5 month old limits what I can do.

I just feel like I haven't lived up to the name of the blog. What do you think? How did you come up with the name of your blog? If your not happy with it, would you ever change it?


  1. I love crocheting. It's fun and you can create a lot of cool things. Money is a issue with me right now to keep supporting my crocheting hobby. I have old yarn that's been in my closet for years. But I know yarn is pretty cheap. I didn't get any books there's a few people on youtube like Crochet Geek(http://www.youtube.com/user/tjw1963).
    She has tutorials on different projects and stitches. That's how I further my knowledge of crocheting. Hope this helps =]

  2. I chose my blog name due to a magikal journal I keep called "Book of Mirrors". It's a reflections diary of sorts namely for my witchy life, though often, my mundane and my magikal lives merge. But it seemed appropriate to name my blog such. :-) I think yours is well named. :-)

  3. I just chose the first thing that came to mind. But I don't worry too much about the name - people change, projects change, blogs change. The name is like a bookmark so people will find what they are looking for, I doubt they will pay much attention to the name.

  4. I'm not sure how I chose mine. I remember laboring over it for hours... I think I originally intended to call it "Free to Fly". I settled eventually on "These Mother Moons" and didn't even like it much but thought if I came up with something better later I'd just change it. The name grew on me though and now I can't imagine it being anything else.



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