Friday, October 28, 2011

28. Have you ever had an experience with Spirits?

To say I have experience with spirits is frankly an understatement. I've been seeing them all my life. I remember as a child waking up to find someone leaning over my bed. They'd just be a shadow most of the time. Though once in awhile I'd get more detail. I'd later learn that sometimes they'd talk to me if I listened. I was always afraid of them until I was about 15 and began learning more about them.

This is the old roadhouse we lived in. We found it like this and 
cleaned it up. Image Source
When we moved to Kentucky we lived in a house that had about 200 years of history. It use to be an old "road house". If you don't know what that is, think bars and loose women! When we first moved there the elderly neighbor told us a lot of the history. It was known to be a bit rowdy and she had danced on the table tops in her youth. Shortly thereafter she went to live in a nursing home but we were always grateful to hear her retell its history. The house had a lot of activity in it. You could smell pipe smoke sometimes. (No one smoked a pipe in our home) My mother reported seeing two spirits. One was a Native American, another a civil war soldier. We found several arrow heads at the side of the house. We think that someone dumped gravel there and they were in that, but we can't be sure. We had enough to fill two trash barrels though!

This is apart of 31 Days of Samhain

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  1. That house looks spooky! Believe it or not, the most "active" places I've lived were apartments/condos. But in the case of the apartment I believe that something "came in" rather than being a house spirit.

    the condo was built on the spot where an old tenement stood in the 1800's in (at the time) a very very bad part of town - so bad the city eventually changed the name of the street to try to clean up it's reputation. Anyway, we had a lot of activity there. Every morning at about 4:00am someone would knock on the door three times. Of course, we could see no one. I always assumed it was the spirit of one of the working girls.

  2. I've always been able to either hear or see them. We have several living with us now. One that followed us from our old house ... this one is a prankster. A story I like to share about "George":

    I was home alone, well just me and the cats, and I was getting ready to take a shower. I had to go into my hubby's office (always close the door behind me to keep the cats out) to get the clothes out of the laundry basket. Well, I laid the pair of panties I wanted on the back of my hubby's desk chair, turned around to get something else out of the basket and the panties disappeared. I knew who had them and demanded he give them back. Two weeks later, I was getting something out of my closet and they dropped from above right into my hands. At least he gave them back.

    Our bedroom was hubby's originally when the house was built but his grandma used it for a while before she passed away. We still have some of her pictures on the wall. She likes to turn them sideways. *frown*

    We've also seen his dad walking in the hall and our son has visited once in a while. Our son usually shows up around his favorite holiday ... Halloween, so I'm expecting to see him some time this weekend. Strange that he doesn't show up around his birthday or the day he died.

  3. that is so cool, another road house! I live on property that was once home to a roadhouse circa civil war era. I've heard stories of the soldiers running across the fields back to the armory trying not to miss reveille. Very active here too.

  4. What a delicious tale! I love your house and the history that goes with it. I have seen spirits for as long as I can remember and so has my sister. When we were growing up it was considered a natural experience. Our mother taught us to never be afraid but there have been times I have gotten the willies. ;-)



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