Wednesday, October 26, 2011

26. Talk about Halloween colors. Black

Black has a bad view of being evil or only about death. When we think of black the Grim Reaper might come to mind. For me, Black represents change. This change might be unwelcome. I might view it as positive or negative. But it's change that I cannot stop. Its neither evil or good. It just is.

I am a person who hates change. I like things the way they are and to move something or to change the rules just throws a wrench into my day. Take my  family for instance. Living with MIL/FIL is a challenge in and of itself. Given my MIL's propensity for changing the furniture and other items around the house, it gets a bit irritating when I no longer know where things go! That's a minor change though.

Black happens to be my favorite color, and not because we associate it with the Fall and Samhain. I like to wear it, I like to make black candles. One of my best candles I've made is a black Lilly of the Valley skull. I wish I had pictures of it! I made it for a co-worker years ago and I was so proud of it. Unfortunately I've misplaced the pictures of my candles.

Its late and I'm rambling. I apologize!

This is apart of 31 Days of Samhain

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  1. It's nice to see the differences in our directions of the color Black. I like the way you went with it, in talking about it's general association with Death and evil. It's funny to me that when I think of Black, I don't see Death. Yet, I do associate Death with Change. Nice post! ~)O(~



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