Wednesday, October 12, 2011

12. How do you celebrate Samhain/Halloween?

I separate Samhain and Halloween into separate parts. Halloween is just fun with my daughter. We like to dress up and go trick or treating or hand out candy. Usually Dh and I will take turns walking around with our daughter while one of us (Namely my husband) sits on the porch handing out candy. Where we use to live we didn't get too many TOTers so by 7pm he was normally indoors and we were "Stuck" with candy. Oh poor us. lol.

For Samhain we would meet up with The Circle of the Blue Moon for the day. We'd spend it participating in ritual or just hanging out talking about various Pagan topics. We made a lot of good friends that way and helped a few people along the way. Usually there is at least one or two people who need healing and the High Priestess would ask me to assist once in awhile.

Now that we are in Ohio I'm not sure what we are going to do. There isn't much money to buy candy or costumes. Though my daughter is determined to make her own costume if she has to. And I think she may have sweet talked my mother into sending her something. She's almost 10 yrs old now and I've tried to convince her to just hand out candy. After all that can be fun right? Nooo. Evidently not. She won't have it. I'm not even sure if there is TOTing in our area. I assume so since there are a lot of kids around here.

As for ritual, I have to ask Lynn from Innanas Spiritual Center if she'll be doing anything. If not, or if she is leaving town, I may just skip it this year. Or maybe I'll just bake a nice pie for Dh and enjoy his pleasure at eating something I made. Who knows. I'm a bit spontaneous and not making plans kinda gal!

Sierra Belle as Cleopatra

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  1. I have started separating the spiritual side of Samhain and the "halloweeny" part recently because it's a little too hectic on the eve to do both. So on the 31st, it's halloween activities, and on the 1st it's my spiritual activities. I am less of a ritual witch and more of a "Working" witch, so there is always some magical work I do on Samhain. I Work alone, at first just because I am never in a place where there is a group to work with, but now it is my preference. If you don't have access to a group this year, maybe you should just try out a solitary ritual?

    Maybe your daughter can work to create her own costume? It's a very creative activity. Maybe looking for the perfect costume can be a year long activity - hunting through stuff at yards sales, etc..? Just a thought!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm normally Solitary and have no problem doing my own ritual. But I am living with my MIL right now, which is not conducive to doing any kind of magickal works. Its not really the environment I want to be doing it in, and I hate the thought of a public place like the park.

  3. I'm a new follower of your lovely blog. I seperate the two as well. Halloween is for fun and Samhain is for honoring the ancestors.

    My twelve year old daughter says you're never too old to trick or treat. Both of my girls are making their costumes from things lying aropund the house. hope you have fun!!

    Blessings, V.



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