Monday, October 24, 2011

November is Inspirational Quotes Month

I've decided that I'm making November Inspirational and Motivational Quotes month. Once a day I will post quotes I collect from around the web and share how they impact my life or why they resonate with me. As we gear up for Thanksgiving and Yule a lot of people fall into depression. I hope that if your one of these people who always go into a depression at this time that my quotes can help lift my readers spirit and get you into a more cheerful holiday mood.

The holiday season means we are spending more time with family and getting ready to cook for Thanksgiving. I'm not a very good chef so I'll leave the cooks to give you Thanksgiving ideas. But I'll also cover some craft ideas and one or two family recipe's.

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  1. Will be looking forward to your November posts! BTW I'm new to your blog and I thank you for subscribing to mine as well. :-)



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