Saturday, October 22, 2011

22. Samhain Divination. Draw one Tarot card and tell us how it relates to your life.

The 6 of cups: This card represents opening the heart to the simple pleasures of life. This card reminds us to follow the simple joy of youth and innocence. It teaches us to be in harmony with natural forces and allow old friends to enter our life again.

This card makes a lot of sense to me. This year has been all about change and getting back to my husbands (and mine) childhood homes. Though my family in Ohio is not on speaking terms, I do still consider Ohio to be "The homeland". Really, I have two home states, because although I will gladly bitch about how backward Kentucky really is, I've grown fond of it over the years.

As far as the "simple pleasures", well I could read that in a lot of ways. Earlier I said I want to live like a gypsy. That would involve bringing the simple pleasures back to our life. We wouldn't have access to things like cable TV or the Internet. Both things Dh and I both love and find it difficult to live without. Yet there is a certain health benefit (Both spiritual and physical) of unplugging and being closer to nature. I've long said that I believe embracing our faith more and getting back to nature are going to be how Dh's mental illness is maybe not cured, but controlled.

I suppose what will be will be. I'm trusting in the Lord & Lady to guide us. I'm sure she will. But like anyone now, I'm impatient to get things moving! I have a feeling around the first of the year things will turn around for us. Which isn't soon enough for me. But we shall see.

This is apart of 31 Days of Samhain

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