Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pagan Blog Prompt: Energy

Prompt: Energy in Objects

Do you believe in channeling energy (either your own or from other sources) into objects for a goal or purpose?

Do you conduct rituals to charge objects (with moonlight, water, salts, etc)?

Is the world just a bunch of energy, that we are moving and bending to our will (magic)?

Run with it! I'm sure there's lots of directions you guys can take this...

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Every natural object stores energy. Every living thing has its own energy. And then we have the Universal Energy (Earths Energy) As two people have a conversation, they are exchanging their energy. Energy knows no limits. It doesn't stop at walls, roads, states, or countries. That is why you can get a "feel" for someone online. Because even though you can be countries away from one another energy still flows. 

As far as charging objects, yes I do this. Usually I'd wear a necklace. Lately I don't because my son  likes to grab things. But I charge them with positive energy, or with an intent I have in mind. Sometimes I will charge them for my husband to wear. Sort of a "Carry a little part of me" when we have to be away from each other for awhile. In January we separated for 3 months due to financial reasons. We were making the move to Ohio and he came first to find a job. Finding a job didn't happen, but the point is we were separated for a time. We exchanged necklaces before he left as a charm to keep a little bit of us together. Anytime I missed him, I'd play with the necklace and feel his presence. 
Magick can be bent to our will. This is called spell work. It should only be done with respect. If your just out to do spell work for fun, its not for you. Its also not meant to solve all your personal problems, though it certainly can help, you are required to do any "mundane" work to bring about the change. You can't just hope to find a job by casting spells, and then never put in an application. 
Energy can also be used to heal people or pets. I've talked about that in another post you may read here.
Some other ways to use energy is to protect yourself mentally. Psychic protection takes practice but can be a huge help when you empathic. I've wrote about Spiritual Protection in this blog post.

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  1. Great post. I like to use moon energy along with my own. Nature's energy is awesome to use as well. I like the idea of exchanging necklaces with your husband.

    Blessings, V.



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