Sunday, September 25, 2011

Faerie of your choice.

I don't discount their existence, but haven't made up my mind if I believe faeries exist or not. I suppose its possible. One of my friends use to say there were Faeries in her store. I certainly felt a different energy in the area she was talking about, whether it was the fae or not I cannot say. I am fascinated with any Scottish Lore, so perhaps I should do more reading on faeries. I know they are mischievousness and certainly shouldn't be taken for granted. I also love faerie artwork. See my signature for proof. My art files have at least 10 different faeries.

One of my favorite fictional books are about the fae. The Meredith Gentry series by Laurell K Hamilton is about a faerie princess related to both the unseelie and seelie court who must fight to stay alive and possibly one day rule. Its a wonderful story full of twists and turns and of course sexy hunks! My favorite is Frost or the Killing Frost. Dole is another favorite of mine. Don't you just wish these kinds of series could just go on forever? One day I hope they will make a movie out of it. Wouldn't it be the next great Harry Potter type series! Oh but Hollywood would ruin it by making all the sex scenes PG-13. Those are my favorite parts. *Wink*

So there you have it. They are something I should probably research better. Until then, its never a bad idea to set a potted plant beside the door just in case.

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  1. Haha... I used to love the Meredith Gentry series (as well as the Anita Blake series), but all the sex just got too much... I would definitely enjoy the books more if there was more story and less grown-up stuff going on. (Strange, but I prefer my bodies cold and bloody.)



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