Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Have a wonderful Mabon!

To all my Pagan, Witchy, and Wiccan friends, have a wonderful Mabon! Last Saturday we celebrated Mabon with Lynn and the members of Innana's Spiritual Center. We had a lovely ceremony at the Yoctangee park in Chillicothe. Then we had a potluck dinner with good friends and camaraderie. I was going to take pictures of our Mabon tree for this post, but alas I was wrestling a 15 lb baby the whole day and forgot.

I've saw a lot of great posts about Mabon cooking lately. From Pumpkin pies to bread, it all sounds wonderful. I think I'm just going to stick with making sloppy joes for dinner and maybe I'll make muffins or a cake today. I know I could get a lot more elaborate, but I think I'll focus on my writing. :)

So again, Happy Mabon!

Mabon Comments & Graphics
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For those who do not know what Mabon is, here are some informational links.

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