Thursday, September 8, 2011

Prompt: Teaching Your Children

Prompt: Teaching Your Children

So we've talked about what we, ourselves, are leaning anew.... but what about our children?

What do you teach your children regarding your beliefs?

Do you chose to home-school your children? Why? How do you think this will affect them as they grow up?

I choose to allow my daughter to learn about all religions and make a decision for herself. When my son is old enough he will do the same. I don't believe that children should automatically be considered X religion because the parents are. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Religion is a choice, not a birth right.
I share with my daughter what I believe. I allow her to ask questions about any religion. Between DH and I we've studied most religions so we can help her understand what each religion has to say on various topics. I do always remind her that it is her choice and she shouldn't feel like she has to be Wiccan just because I am. While they are very young and too impressionable I avoid the topic all together. I do not allow media that could influence or "brainwash" her at all. 

I'm uncertain if you mean home school as in general school topics or home school as in theology. As far as normal home-school. I don't do it. Mainly because until recently both my husband and I work long hours. I think if you have the means and knowledge to do it fine. But I don't believe a parent should be teaching school if they themselves do not understand the material. 

For theology, I'll encourage my daughter to take a class in college. But otherwise she will be taught by myself and my husband.

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  1. My husband is all for home-schooling until High School, whereas I used to be against it. However, my BFF is a teacher and has told me that home-schooled children, in her experience, are well-rounded and often do better in high school. So, it's something I've considered. I don't know if I'll do it yet, but if so, I'd definitely hire a teacher for the basic educational things; then teach our children the pagan aspects. Like you, I also want to teach them about other paths. But if I don't go that route, then we'll have pagan study nights. :-) I still have time to plan. Blessings! ~)O(~



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