Monday, September 5, 2011

A photo of a magical place outdoors.

For me a magical place that I want to visit some day is Salem, Massachusetts. I want to visit my ancestors memorial stone, and I want to visit the witch museum. I hear they have some items from Susannah Martins cabin there. Susannah is a 10th great grandmother to me. I feel a connection to her. I think if I could meet her today she would be a very strict woman. One I may not totally get along with. But I think she also had a kind side. Quick to temper and quick to forgive is how I see her. Perhaps I am completely wrong and I'll never know. But that's how I imagine her to be.

Susannah Martin was hung during the Salem Witch Trials on July 19th 1692. I wrote a poem for her several years ago.

Susannah Martin of Amesbury, Mass
They said you were a witch but you saw through their lies. 

Oh the afflicted did cry out, 
but you laughed in their face. 

Oh why dear grandmother did
you not smack them in the face. 

Well I suppose in the end we all must die, 
Your death shall be remembered throughout time and space. 

Blessed be dear grandmother. 


If you've ever wondered why I took the name SalemWitchChild, this is it. I am a child of a Salem witch. Of course she wasn't a true witch. She was a devout Christian. One that took no shit. In her time she was outspoken, and that proved to be deadly. I admire her spunk. So there you have it, this place is very spiritual for me and I'm certain when I visit it will be a very magical experience.

To learn more about Susannah and her ordeal please visit this bloggers post. They've done a wonderful job telling Susannah's tale. 


  1. Wow. Interesting. Neat! Love that you stay connected to your ancestry. I only know up to my great grandparents.

  2. Thanks. Nacher my ancestry is traced back to the early 1500's. I'm very interesting in genealogy. :) Its easy to do. Go on Ancestry.com and begin your family tree.



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