Friday, September 2, 2011

Picture of nature (water element).

Water is life giving and life taking. The most recent example is hurricane Irene. We drink water everyday yet we rarely think of it as anything special. We take this element for granted. How many times have you left water running? Or had the sprinkler system running when there was a drought? In some countries water is very precious because it is not readily available. The next time you drink a glass of water, think about it. Be thankful for the little things. Because somewhere its not such a little thing.

Now on to the pictures.
This is winter in KY 2010. My cat liked to watch outside.
I remember several years ago we had an ice storm. I think that was one of the worst winters of my life. Trees were breaking because the ice was weighing the branches down. We couldn't drive up our driveway without making a dangerous "slingshot" effect with our car to get it over a hump. Plus we had to use cat litter for traffic. During that storm we ran out of gas and was freezing cold in our house. The gas company wasn't happy with us because they had to deliver gas to us in the storm. And since we had no gas, the pizza driver wasn't happy to be delivering dinner to us either! Though we did tip generously.

And how about my dog Kota. She wasn't too happy mommy made her go out in the rain. lol. I've always enjoyed the sound of rain. Nothing like a good book cuddled up on the couch while watching the rain from a window. I love it! And thunderstorms are awesome. Yes I'm one of the idiots who stands by the door watching it.

Remember the next time it rains, take some time out to commune with the element of water. :)


  1. I don't think I have ever taken water for granted. My husband and I are both extremely drawn to water. Stormy days make us smile. Lakes and rivers are a draw. Aaaaah water. Floating in a hot tub is like being back in the womb. Warm and cozy. ;)



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