Monday, September 19, 2011

How was your Weekend? Happy Monday!

Good Monday morning everyone. So how was your weekend? Mine went pretty well. Normally on Wednesdays I go to the women's group at Innana's Spiritual Center. They are lovely Pagan ladies and we chat about various topics. I skipped last weeks meeting because I wanted to save some gas so I could go to their Mabon harvest celebration on Saturday. I was going to get pictures of everyone and our harvest tree, but alas, I was busy with my 4 month old so it never crossed my mind. I must give a thumbs up for baby wearing in the circle! My daughter was a trooper though, she didn't feel like participating so she held Wyatt for a while so I could be in circle. But at the end she got tired and that's when I popped Wyatt into my Moby wrap and we were good to go.

If your in the Chillicothe Ohio area drop by Innanas for a visit. They have some exciting things happening there. There is a woman's retreat as well as some other things. I unfortunately won't be able to go to some of those. But I continue to go almost every Wednesday and some Saturdays just for some social interaction.

Sunday I wrote a bit more on the All Hallows Grim Blog Party. I have the outline almost complete and I have a couple of paragraphs written. So far I think its going to be more sexy than scary, but that's just my style.

Dh's mom made a fantastic Sunday dinner. She is an awesome cook. She made sweet rolls, homemade chicken noodles and mashed potatoes. Yummy!

Well I hope your coming week is fantastic! Happy Mabon everyone.


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