Saturday, September 17, 2011

A favourite scent.

I don't really have an all-time favorite scent. I do have a couple that I like more than others. Strong scents (No matter what kind it is) gives me a headache. So you won't find me wearing perfume. I use essential oils sparingly and the scent can't be something too strong or musky.

Vanilla is a favorite of mine. I love Vanilla bean candles.
Dragons blood also smells good. Again not too strong. I use the oil to anoint candles.

Rose is also a favorite scent of mine. I remember as a child my mother had a black poodle bottle from Avon that was rose perfume. She made it out to be like this great big expensive thing. In reality I could buy a vintage bottle of it for $20. I thought about buying it for her because when I was a kid, I had my friend over to our house and we were playing in the bathroom with makeup. Then my friend sees my mothers perfume. We ended up using the entire bottle of perfume. Maybe thats why I can't stand scents that are too strong now! lol
Black poodle Avon Bottle. Isn't it cute!


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