Friday, September 9, 2011

Picture of nature (air element).

What better way to celebrate the element of air than with Eagles? Eagles represent all that air is to me. It can be strong, it is freeing, it is beauty and vitality.Who hasn't dreamed they had wings and could soar through the sky?

I remember visiting the eagles exhibit at the Frankfort, KY Game park. They are so much bigger in real life! I couldn't help but try to grab an Eagle feather. I know bad of me. But hey I wasn't hurting them! They naturally fall out. *Wink* I wasn't able to unfortunately.

When doing my craft with air I always include a feather on my alter. Jewelry is also a wonderful way to incorporate feathers for personal wear.

When my husband and I first began dating he gave me a Native American name. It is White Feathers. For years I used that name online until I retired it after taking SalemWitchChild as my online persona. But in the beginning of our relationship I'd often wear 3 white feathers in my hair. I simply loved them. I had long hair going all the way down to my hips. I arranged them so the feathers would fall almost to the end of my hair and it was beautiful. We visited a lot of Pow Wow's back then, and that's when I'd often wear them.


  1. That's an awesome image!

    Sometimes I feel so light that it seems as though I could be lifted from the wind and move about to any location I wanted to go without even touching the ground, when this sensation comes over me it's absolutely phenomenal!



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