Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Favourite witchy website(s).

Well I tend to stay away from most Witchy websites. I don't really know why. Years ago I joined a Pagan forum and it seemed most were really rude so I left. I guess maybe that first experience put me off of them. But I meet lots of Pagans around the net on other forums.

Some I go on Pagan forums sometimes just to check in and say hello. They are:

If you know of other Pagan sites that are friendly feel free to add them in comments. 

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  1. The Pagan Directory has a wonderful collection of Pagan sites. This is the link: http://www.thepaganblogdirectory.com/

    And I invite you to check my blog circle; I've listed a lot of great blogs under Witchy Darlings. Here is the link: http://magalysblogcircle.blogspot.com/



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