Friday, September 2, 2011

Prompt: Solitary Longing

Prompt: Solitary longing...

This week's prompt comes from reader suggestions, and I think it is something we should all think about....

If you are a Solitary, do you ever long for a mentor, coven or friend to learn with, learn from, or practice with? If so, what keeps you from seeking to join with others?

I am solitary but I do have mentors of a sort. First and foremost I have my very best friend in the whole wide world - my husband. He has taught me a lot not just about Wicca but magick in general. There are also others who have influenced me such as Linda Tipton who is the High Priestess of the Circle of the Blue Moon located in Louisville Kentucky. She also owns a pagan store called Moonstruck.  We would join her coven during sabbots from time to time. Or we would just hang out at her store for some Pagan fellowship.

Now that we have moved to Ohio we are looking for other pagans to join up with. I've found Innana's Spiritual Center. While its new, they do have an amazing womens group. The people coming for meetings is ever growing and we really enjoy getting together and chatting.

The reason I like to be solitary is because honestly I am anti-social. Both my husband and I have been hurt in our life by other people so we are not very trusting. We find socialization at a distance is better for us.

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  1. I feel you. Granted, I'm not as anti-social as I was, but I have my moments. Doesn't get better with my crowd anxiety, I can assure you. I'm a solitary as well. I have Witch friends, mainly online, but one lives 2 hours away. It's nice to get together with her once in a while. Feel the energy, swap some knowledge, share some magik moments. Blessings! ~)O(~



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