Saturday, September 24, 2011

A pagan/witchy artwork.

I absolutely love the Goddess art of Jonathan Earl Bowser. His artwork just speaks to me. I could sit and look at it for ages and never tire of it! If I had the money I'd certainly buy a few originals. My all time favorite of course has to be Isis. She is so beautiful here and I love the colors of the sunset and the flowing gown and wings. Its so beautiful! His artwork reminds me of the PBS guy. You know the old hippy? Bob Ross was his name. I loved to watch him on Sunday mornings. While he was painting his "Happy little trees" I was waiting for my mother to pick me up, and bemoaning the fact that I had to leave my great granny. But we had a good time watching TV, sharing stories and just being together. So thinking of art makes me think of my great granny. I really miss her! I think she taught me a lot about how to be a parent. I wish I had all the stories memorized that she did. I slept in her bed when I visited and we would snuggle and she'd tell me little bedtime stories and fairy tales.

Sorry I got off track! That's OK though. :)
Isis. By Jonathan Earl Bowser

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