Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Your sun sign.

I am Scorpio. Though I must confess, I don't put much stock in the sun signs. Its neat to read. I really like Scorpio. Some of the qualities even fit me. But then again I think they are too general and will fit most people. Who wouldn't want to consider themselves passionate, protective, magnetic, energetic, exciting, intense etc... I bet if you asked everyone you know, most would say yes yes that's me! I'm not all those things. In some ways I suppose I am. But in a lot of ways I'm not. I'm not magnetic. I'm rather shy and awkward at times. I don't consider myself exciting, but others tell me I can be. Tenacious? Please! I'd like to be, but I've given up a lot of times. I'm also not jealous, which is always associated with Scorpios. Bottom line is I view horoscopes for entertainment purposes only.

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