Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One Small Step for Gay Equality

       Hooray for the repeal of Don't ask Don't Tell (DADT)! If you've heard the news and are Gay and Lesbian friendly your jumping for joy (Maybe just on the inside) for an injustice righted. I have a few friends who are gay and I have to say they are the most happiest people I know because they are not denying their mind and body of what they need to be happy.

     I know gay rights have a long way to go before we see equality, but this is just one more small step toward a new beginning for this country. My dream is that everyone finds their special loved one, whether they are male, female or trans gendered no one should be denied love (OR marriage) because of sexual orientation.

     Its hard to understand why DADT started to begin with. So in the interest of learning, I looked it up! The U.S. Military has had a long history with using public opinion to decide who shall and shall not serve in the military. All you have to do is think about black history and we know that at one time all African Americans were barred from the military. Same with women. When public opinion starts to change, so does the laws surrounding it.

    Sodomy (Defined as anal and sometimes oral between two men) has been banned in the military since the Revolutionary war. In WWII the military began psychological tests to try to identify and deny entry into the military based on sexual orientation. However when the military suffered a shortage of personnel, gays were allowed in the military. So I guess they were good to enter only when they needed bodies to catch the bullets right?!

   In 1980 the DOD stated in a new policy that, "Homosexuality is incompatible with military service". DOD Directive 1332.14, January 28, 1982, Part 1, Section H. This new policy resulted in approximately 17,000 men to be discharged from service.

   In 1993 President Clinton asked Secretary of Defense to come up with a policy that would end discrimination of Gays in the military. What they came up with is DADT. Gays would no longer be discharged for being gay, unless they were caught having sex (Sodomy under the law).

  And now today, Tuesday, September 20th 2011, we make another historic change in the military by allowing everyone to be open about their sexual orientation. Hopefully one day, this change will spur change in public opinion. With all the hate that we have in this world, why is love made illegal? Gays are not all about sex. Gays are not sexual predators. They are simply attracted, and in love with, someone who happens to be of the same gender. There is absolutely nothing wrong with love! And I propose that it is the solution to stopping so much hate in our society.


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