Friday, September 30, 2011

Psychic Readings Without Permission

I thought I was done posting for the day, but I have sort of an educational post combined with a rant. First let me say I am a Psychic Medium. However I don't do readings for people unless they ask and I feel they really need it. I just don't like people coming back asking the same questions over and over again. I feel people become dependent on a reading to help guide their life.

Theresa from the TV show, Long Island Medium, says she is a psychic and after watching the show I'd say that she has some ability. However she walks up to people and starts doing readings without their permission. I understand when a spirit really wants to communicate. I also understand walking into a crowded area and just feeling anxious and needing to say something to someone. However you CAN control it. This is what Theresa is not doing and to me this behavior indicates that the reader is not quite as adept as she believes herself to be. It is also incredibly rude IMO to read someone without their permission. She says she can't control it. There are ways to control such as Psychic Shielding which I've discussed previously in my Spiritual Protection post.

If you are a psychic medium, how do you feel about this? Is it OK in your opinion to walk up to someone and start reading without their permission?


  1. Don't know how psychic or "medium-ish" I am, but am not lacking in some experience. It is never OK to "read" someone without their permission or ultimately their request. Having the gift doesn't mean you have the license. raynestar

  2. I am not a good psychic or "medium", but if I feel soemthing, I keep it to myself unless the person asks for it, and only then will we do some soul-searching together (runes, tarot) to find out if I was really experiencing something or just making stuff up (that's the danger with being a writer *and* a witch - it's hard to tell which part of you is doing the work sometimes).

  3. I saw some adverts for that show and was appalled. I only read with express permission of people who come to me looking for readings, I will not read others in their situation they may be enquiring about.

    I'm moving on into psychic medium-land now, rather head-spinningly quickly too. I've had this my entire life and it scared the crap out of me when I was small. Now that I have come to terms with the fact that I have these gifts for a reason, I am very precise about boundaries with the spirit world (still working on the living world). I have not run into any situation yet where I've had a guide or loved one pushing me to relay a message to the point I blurt it out in the middle of the grocery store. I look at it this way, opportunity will arise if I am meant to pass along a message. So far this has held true. My Sunday meditation leader's late father made himself known the first day I went to meditation. It was two or three weeks later before conversation allowed me to say "oh yeah, by the way..."

    anyway, it's tv...which nowadays seems to show the worst of the worst.

  4. Yes TV always manages to take a good thing and show the worst possible person as the "norm". Good luck with your studies.

  5. If I receive messages that need to be shared, I find that the recipient feels compelled to open up with me and they generally engage the conversation. I would never randomly walk up to someone and start reading them!

  6. I hardly ever have any urge to read unles I sit and think about it (no spontaneous channeling for me) but my husband is another story...its especially bad when he's had a couple of drinks and then turns to the guy next to him at the bar and starts giving him a full blown reading including snippets of past lives...I usually have to calm the other person down (they usually cry) and get Damon out of there before he speaks to anyone else >.< It makes parties a little wearisome heh.



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