Thursday, September 8, 2011

Witchy tools: oils.

I use oils in my craft. I use them to anoint my candles mostly. My favorite is dragons blood. I have one bottle of oil that is simply labeled "Goddess". I'm not sure what scent it is but I like it.

Making oils is something I'd like to explore in further depth. I once tried to make rose oil and it didn't turn out well. I had looked up a recipe that said to use olive oil. I used roses I had received as a gift from DH. I let it seep for a few days and unfortunately it didn't turn out well. It smelled like rotten oil. Perhaps I should have used mineral oil. Not sure, but if you happen to know a better way to make it, please educate me!

The reason I anoint my candles is to imbue a certain quality for my candles. So say I want a candle for relationships. I would use a red candle, and anoint it with rose oil while thinking of my purpose.


  1. Dorothy Morrison's book "Everyday Magic" (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/248372.Everyday_Magic) has some information about making your own oils using a slow-cooker. I can't remember what kind of oils she recommended for using as a base (I lost my original copy and I'm still waiting for the arrival of the used copy I ordered off Amazon). But this book is AMAZING in the ideas for mixing modern technology with magick. :-D

    Good luck!



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