Friday, September 16, 2011

Why have dogs if you don't know how to take care of them?!

First of all, I'd like to apologize to my readers because this post will be a rant. If you don't like them, please just skip over this one.

I am a dog lover. I have always owned dogs. I cannot remember a time where there was not a dog in my life (Other than right now where I've been forced to keep my dog in KY with my mother temporarily).

I go on a forum (I'll keep that forum anonymous). There, people ask questions and others answer them. Daily I see stupid questions about dogs. I can't help it, I know its just going to irritate me, but I open them anyway. Almost always the following happens,

The latest stupid dog owner is someone who just got a lab/boxer puppy. These two breeds are notorious for being very high energy dogs. They are NOT lap dogs. They (As well as all) dogs need training. If they are bored they are destructive.  Yet this woman said (And I don't believe her for a second) that the shelter she adopted from told her to wait till the puppy was 6-7 months old to train. Why would you wait to train when the most informative years is when they are younger! By 6-7 months they have already developed bad behaviors that will have to be undone by even more extensive training. Please people, if you don't know how to train your dogs yourself, please seek a professional trainer.

This woman actually said, "You can't walk a puppy. "
Maybe she can't walk HER puppy, but thats only because the puppy's owner is ignorant. If you don't know a thing about dogs, please do your research. The Internet is there for a reason. Educate yourself!


  1. Yeah, that kind of behavior gets me all cross-eyed and green with hulk-anger myself... my parents spent years collecting large dog breeds from local shelters, reeducating them and passing them on to responsible people, so I spent all my life surrounded by "problematic" dogs which were this way because of people who didn't know how to treat them properly. No, you cannot choose a dog simply on its degree of "cuteness". Yes, small dogs usually *were* bred for hunting purposes and need lots of training and exercise. No, it is *not* cute to dye your dog so it will match your new purse.


  2. Ah Diandra now your speaking my language. I go on a dog forum every single day. Most of the time its just chat with the friends I've made in the dog community. But once in awhile you get those stupid newbies that makes everyones hide raw.

    If your interested in forums, your welcome to join. :)

    I love to see pics of the puppers.




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