Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How do your close ones feel about your witchy path? Do they know? Why or why not?

For the most part they are pretty open to my path. DH is spiritual. He doesn't claim any religion but he's studied many. He marches to his own tune so to speak. He's most close to Native American Shamanism. He's taught me a lot over the years and without him I'm sure I wouldn't be the same me today.

My mother "claims" to be Christian, but honestly I have never saw her to step foot in a church. She does believe that you don't need a church to be a good Christian, nor do you need to dress in your "Sunday" best. She doesn't know a lot about Wicca, but once in awhile she gets curious and asks. Other than that, she doesn't really live her beliefs.

My father isn't in the picture, and the rest of my family I do not have contact with. Overall we are not a very tight nit family. We couldn't be in the same room without knock down fights happening.

DH family doesn't really say much either. They are also not very religious.


  1. I'm fortunate that my mother is fairly Pagan and my father just doesn't care one way or the other. As for my husband's family, they're great - Catholic, but his parents are quite liberal about religion. My first husband's family was WAY off the deep-end with Christian fundamentalism, however.

    It's always nice when your family just has a "live and let live" attitude toward your decisions and the path you take in life. ^.^

  2. My folks aren't what I would consider close however they have their opinions. I've been pagan for nearly 27 yrs (officially). My late grandmother was Mormon and supported me the entire way as I searched for my path (she and my grandfather were definitely pagan at heart). My mother is a raging catholic and is certain I'll burn in hell and can be converted back. My father really doesn't care. My three oldest siblings are wayward but do veer toward the pagan path themselves...or earth centred path

  3. Yes it certainly is easier to be raised in a live and let live environment. Which is why my children will have the freedom to research and eventually decide for themselves.



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