Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A favorite mythological animal.

Do I have to name just one? That doesn't seem fair because there are several that I love! You know in some books how they have the old style map with creatures in the sea? Well instead of reading the book I'd study that map just to see where they placed all the interesting creatures.

sidesplittinglaughterI guess my all time favorite mythological creature(s) I love are the Pegasus. Add Unicorn and Centaurs to the list too. I grew up with horses, so it was only natural that any equine like mythological creature fascinated me. I mean who wouldn't want to have a hunk of a man that you could ride right?

 Some others I like: Griffins, Mermaids, Dragons, Minotaur, etc.. Hell just say all of them! 

I often wonder if these creatures may resemble dinosaurs or early mammals that died out. I'm sure there have been a lot of fossils our ancestors saw that have been lost to time. When the history channel runs programs dedicated to anthropology and mythology I just have to watch! I can't help it I'm a junkie for these kinds of programs. I know it may all be BS, but at least part of it is true IMO. I think most myths have some truth behind it however small. I can see someone coming across an odd fossil and it creating a few myths.


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