Friday, September 2, 2011

A favourite Goddess.

Isis is my mother goddess. She came to me in a dream I had.
Here is my dream as I recorded it on July 25th, 2003. 

It started out with me looking out a window to see an Egyptian pyramid. It was current times and I remember hearing on a news station that someone was going to open the pyramid to see what was inside. It turns out when they did open it, the outside portion the meant tried to enter collapsed. The men inside vanished. 
I was curious so I went to the pyramid and found another way inside. I found myself in a small dark room. It had a simple wooden table of which lay upon it a solid black figure of Isis kneeling with her wings outstretched. I then noticed that there was also a hot tub of some sort next to it. All of a sudden the figure on the table came alive and there stood Isis in all her glory and majesty. She was angry that I had broken in and I fled for my life. 

By this time people were worried about the men trapped and they sent in more to rescue the lost men. The team came in the way I had come and were carrying weapons. During this part, it was like I was seeing Isis. I was feeling her feelings and thoughts. She was perplexed by me. She felt that in her hast, she had scared off one of her sisters. 

The men reached Isis' chamber. They found her there and because she frightened them, they wounded her. The men then ran out of the pyramid. 

Isis called to me. I went back to her. She invited me to come into her hot tub, to join her. 

She gave all her essence to me and I felt as though I just inherited the pyramid.

I took this dream as meaning she has claimed me as her own. She is the goddess I most work with. Whenever I feel I need a mother figure in my life, she is there for me.

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  1. Fascinating dream. I've dreamt of a Goddess once. I don't know who she was, but she was very kind.

    Another Goddess appeared to me, I believe she was Brigit--weird about that, is the same day, another Witch had posted a blog about meeting Brigit, and our visions were very similar. I think I may have freaked the Witch out when I told her. lol.

    I've also dreamt about Hecate, but she wasn't for me. She reached out for one of my friends--an Atheist. When I shared the dream on Facebook, she admitted that she's always admired Hecate. Dreams are quite amazing resources. Blessings. ~)O(~



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