Monday, September 19, 2011

Your moon sign.

I don't do a lot of astrology stuff. So I am just going to post what this website says and make comments.

Moon Sign for 04 November 1979 02:00:00 EST:

Taurus Degree: 11° 56'
People with the Moon in the same degree
Practical, reliable, easygoing, understands the true value of things. Likes good food and gardening, hates unpredictability.
The Moon in Taurus is often a sign of good practical skills. Those who were lucky to be born with such a Moon are usually talented cooks, [NOT! Dh had to teach me how to cook, and I'm still not that good. Yes, I've burned boiling water. lol ] and they enjoy doing everything themselves. [I am a bit of a control freak] They prefer a calm, stable life, with everything known years ahead. [True, I love to plan and organize, though my house is usually the most disorganized thing about me. lol ]  It is important for them that everything they own is of good quality and that their home is comfortable. They know how to deal with plants, [NOT! I kill plants. Though I would love to have a veggie garden one day. I'd have to learn how to do it. ] and time spent digging in the garden is the best way for them to restore their energy.
Routine everyday activities like cooking, washing or gardening are not difficult for the Moon in Taurus, and he or she often feels a need to do something like this because this is a sure way to get satisfaction from the practical results of their actions.[Only time I like to do those things is when I'm angry! ] Some of them like to have plenty of food in their house: they feel more confident if there is always something around which they like to eat. [True, and the proof is connected to my ass ]
The physical body of those born with the Moon in Taurus also feels that it should have a good supply of nutrients, but if left to its own devices it might quickly accumulate unwanted extra weight, especially considering that the Moon in Taurus loves good food and knows how to relax and enjoy itself. The neck and throat may be quite sensitive with such a Moon, so it is always good to keep warm, and avoid food and drinks which irritate mouth and throat. [I've always had problems with my throat, so this is interesting. ]
Food for the Moon in Taurus should contain plenty of vegetables and salad, as well as vitamins, and it should be of a really good quality. Moderate activity and exercise are always beneficial, but life should be predictable and stable, without abrupt changes.
If asked what they want to do to recharge their batteries after a period of stress, Moon in Taurus individuals often say that they need to eat something savoury. An ancient truth works here: if there is good food in the house, nothing is lost. [Nope, sweet or salty]
Taurus Moons can be superb parents, although sometimes they think that the most important thing is to feed their children properly, forgetting their other needs, such as intellectual pursuits. [This is just too vague. Any mother should be willing to sacrifice their own needs for their children. ] Nevertheless, their children will always remember their parents' home as a Home Sweet Home.


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