Thursday, September 1, 2011

Witchy tools: athame.

My Egyptian Athame

Ok I admit, I don't use an athame often. (remember I'm very eclectic). But I do have this athame I put on my alter when I have space to have my alter things out. I haven't been able to have an alter all year because of our living situation. So right now its home is in a box in the back room. :( I love this athame because it reminds me of the Egyptian gods, and of Isis my patron Goddess. Its not black, but again, I'm not traditional. It works just fine for me. :)

Its other use for me is opening and closing circles. Its an extension of my hand so to speak. And I really like the silver better than black. I think because most athames with a black handle I see are plastic or leather wrapped. I'd much rather have metal vs leather. And I definitely wouldn't use anything with plastic! 



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