Thursday, September 15, 2011

Have you had any paranormal experiences?

Yes! Many paranormal experiences in my lifetime. I can remember when I was a child I was afraid of going to sleep because I would wake up and see people standing at the end of my bed or looming over me. As soon as I tried to focus on them they disappeared. But while in that half awake sleepy phase I could feel and see a shadow there. Most people would tell a child that they aren't really there, but I know they were! I still wake up sometimes and see those shadows.

I've gotten better at seeing and interacting with Spirits. They no longer frighten me, but they can still startle me sometimes. One of the strongest experiences I've had was when we were living in an old farm house. Almost every night I would wake up and see a man looking in the window. Then he would disappear. Well this time I was pregnant and already loosing sleep. So I put a blanket over the window. That night he appeared standing over me inside the house this time. And he was mad! So was I. I told him this wasn't his house anymore and to get out! I was very forceful about it. (Hey I was hormonal give me a break). The blanket fell when he disappeared and I never saw him again. That guy freaked me out a bit. I think he was the first owners of the home. I'd gage him to be from the 1930's maybe. I think his habit was to look in to see if his wife was asleep when he went out drinking. He seemed to be that kind of drunk redneck kind of man.

The last spirit I saw was I believe to be my son before he was born. I was only 8 weeks pregnant. I should explain that I believe around this time the spirit is near but not "IN" the baby's body. Its still undecided if the embryo is going to survive those first few important weeks.

I was afraid that I would miscarry. I have lost a baby before and though I have no proof I think I was having multiple very early miscarriages for years. I couldn't sleep that night because I was worried about the light cramps I was having, but I was very tired. I remember going to the bathroom and pleading that I wouldn't see any red spots. (I didn't). I went back to bed and there standing by my bed was a young man that resembles my husband. Though his hair was like mine. He told me everything would be OK. That if I worried I could stress myself out too much. To just have faith that all would be well and that he loved me. I had an overwhelming feeling of love. It was at this time I also knew I would have a son. I held onto that message and anytime I felt myself start to worry something was wrong, I'd relive that moment in my mind and be OK. I never saw him again. Shortly after that the spirit no longer hovers because the baby is viable and the spirit attached. I'll never forget that visit though!

Lance & Wyatt. Like father like son!
And Wyatt is just like his daddy. Right now his hair is a combination of my hair and his fathers. Though as he ages I think it will turn darker. He definitely has my red highlights!


  1. Wow, you've had some incredible experiences with spirits, especially your son's (who, by the way, is completely adorable!). Do you think you will tell him about that night when he's older?



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