Sunday, September 18, 2011

A favourite candle.

My favorite candles are hand made by me! I really got into making candles years ago when a candle making company contracted my ex-boss to make a printed bottle for their candle scents. I was curious and went on their website and found a lovely supply of candle and soap making supplies. I spent that year making my own candles for personal use. I even sold a few. Christmas was candles for everyone. It was lovely. :) One of my favorites to make was a black Lily of the valley candle in a scull cast. The person I made it for loved it. :)

I made my mother a Chakra candle that has a dolphin and mermaid on it. She refuses to burn it and has it to this day.

I remember in high school our history class did a projects workshop where we made things like they would have in the Renascence. One of the things I did was dip candles out of beeswax. That was a fun project. :)


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